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Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven--ACN-EP-18

Kitchen Appliances
Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven--ACN-EP-18


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Kitchen Appliances  -  Pizza Oven

Offer Post Time: 2013-12-06

Serial Code:

Model: ACN-EP-18

Size: 1600x850x1000mm

Carriage: FOB china


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD


Aocno has designed and manufactured tunnel ovens for all types of processing as per customer’s requirement. These ovens have been designed for use with a wide range.
1.Large baking capacity, continuous baking, easy operation.
2.Saving labor, improve 200% work efficiency.
3.Wide baking range. Applicable for baking different kinds of food, e.g. Mooncakes, bread, cake,  hamburger, toast and biscuit, etc.
4.Good heat-insulating effect. Adopts imported heat insulating materials with enough thickness, play good performance in preventing loss of heat, saving 35% of the energy.
5.The oven temperature to several individual heating zones as per different formulas. Each zone can be regulated individually.
6.This tunnel oven is consist of oven tunnel, mesh belt, belt conveying system, chimney, electric heating pipes and control cabinet.


Name Model Dimensions without packing Voltage Power Rated heat flow
Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven ACN-WCR-18 1600x750x570mm 220V/50Hz 0.06kW  
Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven ACN-GP-32 2200x1200x1000mm 220V/50Hz 0.56kW 24kW/h
Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven ACN-GP-32-E   2200x1200x1000mm 220V/50Hz 0.56kW 24kW/h
Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven ACN-EP-32 2200x1200x1000mm 3N~380V/50Hz 23kW  
Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven ACN-EP-32-E 2200x1200x1000mm 3N~380V/50Hz 23kW  
Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven ACN-WDR-12 1120x605x490mm 220V~380V/50Hz 8.5kW  
Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven ACN-WDR-18 1600x770x550mm 3N~380V/50Hz 14kW  
Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven ACN-WDR-32 2200x1100x600mm 3N~380V/50Hz 23kW  
Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven ACN-GP-18  1600x850x1000mm 220V/50Hz   16kW/h
Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven ACN-EP-18  1600x850x1000mm 380V/50Hz 15kW